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Common Sewer Problems in Commercial Buildings

6/25/2022 (Permalink)

Does your building in Lakeside, FL, have any of these common sewage problems? Sewer lines contain black water, which contain dangerous toxins. Leaks or backups in blocked sewer pipes can cause costly damage to your property. You'll want to know the signs and address any issues quickly. 

Common Plumbing Problems

Blocked or cracked sewer lines
Toilet overflow
Pipe breaks or pinhole leaks

When a supply pipe breaks, the resulting flood water will seep into structural materials like wood and wallboard. It will penetrate carpeting and interior contents as well. 
Flood restoration experts can siphon the water, dry out the wet materials, and get your building back to normal. In this case, there is little concern about bacterial contamination of your building.
Blocked sewer lines or backup issues are a more serious problem because sewage water contains contaminants that can cause black mold. You want to address any flood as quickly as possible, but you should pay special attention to sewage leaks.

Telltale Signs of Sewage Leaks
A leaking sewer line can wreak havoc on your building, especially if it is not detected right away. Common signs that you have a sewer leak include:

  • Foul odor
  • Staining on floor or ceiling
  • Chronic clogs

You will often smell a sewage leak before you see it. It is never normal to smell sewage in your building. Don't ignore that odor; find its source. 
A blocked sewer line will cause toilets to back up and overflow, causing water stains on the floor around the toilet, or on the ceiling of the room on a floor below. If the line is only partially blocked, it may drain slowly, causing regular clogs. 
If your tenants complain that the toilets or tubs don't drain properly, don't wait to address the issue. Water leaks or floods can cause significant damage to your building. Even small leaks can be destructive if left unaddressed.  

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