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Area rug in the cleaning process.

Water Damage Affects Belongings Too

Area Rug Cleaning After Water Damage

When water enters your home or business, often it is more than the structure itself that takes on damage. Your personal items like furniture, and keepsakes can often be damaged. We work to get your structure and your things back to their original condition as quickly as possible.

Oven vent covered in mold.

Mold Discovery After Leak

Mold Isn't always Known

Many times our SERVPRO® of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park team is called to a job for water damage mitigation and restoration. Once we arrive, we usually find mold growing in places that were hidden prior to the work starting. We take care of these mold problems as well as the water damage.

Team member setting up a dehumidifier.

Powerful Dehumidifiers Remove Moisture From The Air

To remove moisture from the air inside your Jacksonville property after a water damage event, our crew at SERVPRO® of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park uses these top of the line powerful dehumidifiers. Neglecting to remove the humidity on your property can lead to secondary damage, such as a mold infestation.

Drying equipment set up in a gym.

Don't Let A Water Leak Stop You From Working Out!

This local gym suffered from a water leak after a pipe on the property burst. Our SERVPRO® of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park team was quickly given a call and immediately responded to begin the water mitigation process! We are on call 24/7/365 so we are always ready to arrive on the scene and begin the restoration process anytime!

Mold growth across a wall and team member removing drywall.

Mold Spores Spread Very Easily

Mold can easily spread throughout your Jacksonville property during the remediation process. That is one of the reasons it is so important to call your local mold remediation experts as quickly as possible to handle all your mold cleanup needs!

Drying equipment in office.

A Water Loss Can Result In A Loss Of Revenue

A loss on your commercial property in Jacksonville can bring your daily operations to a halt. This can cause you to lose a ton of revenue during the mitigation process. Our team wants to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible after a loss. When your business suffers from damage, your first call should be to our SERVPRO team!

Mold growth underneath flooring.

Call Us For Your Mold Inspection and Remediation Needs

Do you know who to call if you discover a potential mold infestation in your home or business? Call our SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside/Orange Park team! We will quickly respond, inspect your possible infestation, and take necessary actions to properly remediate your damage.

Air movers set up in a business.

We Can Get Your Business Back Up And Running

Our SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside/Orange Park team can quickly respond to your commercial water damage event in Orange Park. Getting your business back up and running is our top priority. 

Baseboards removed from wall.

Removing Affected Materials Can Prevent Further Damage

Removing any affected materials from your property in Jacksonville, FL, is important in order to prevent further damage. Mold damage is an example of secondary damages that can occur after a water leak.

Water and Mold damaged Bathroom

Mold Remediation and cleanup

After a pipe break, water had set for 7 days. SERVPRO responded to find secondary damages from the break. We were able to quickly begin mitigation and mold remediation to make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage cleanup in Orange Park, FL

Our team responded to a water loss in Orange Park, FL.  The water had spread quickly throughout the office leaving the carpet with damage.  We used air movers to help dry the property to prevent secondary damages. 

Water Mitigation in Jacksonville, FL

Water Damage in Jacksonville, FL

Water is fast! Our crews are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your water restoration and cleanup. Give us a call at the first sign of water in your home or business. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Give SERVPRO a call to schedule air duct or commercial cleaning for your Jacksonville, FL property.  We can make it "Like it never even happened."


BOMA Jacksonville Monthly Meeting

Air Duct Cleaning

This air duct was clogged creating bad air flow in this office area.  The team at SERVPRO has cleaning techniques and equipment to clean and restore your office back to normal conditions. 

Air movers on floor in an office.

Office Water Loss

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can shut down your business. Call our team for your commercial water restoration emergency.

Our SERVPRO team removed the affected baseboard and used professional and powerful drying equipment to dry the area quickly and prevent further damages. 

Water Damage in Jacksonville, FL

Water loss in Jacksonville, FL

This was the aftermath of a water loss in an office building from a broken pipe.  Water can spread quickly and can require professional help.  SERVPRO has technicians and special drying equipment ready to serve you.  Contact us at (904) 269-9282.

Water Damage in Jacksonville, FL

Commercial Water Loss Jacksonville, FL

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for your water loss.  This office building suffered from a water loss resulting in significant water throughout the office rooms.  The team arrived and begin mitigation quickly to prevent future damages. 

Office Water Loss

This office suffered from water damage after a pipe break.  SERVPRO responded quickly to begin water mitigation. They removed the baseboards to help with drying.  The air movers were put in place for quick drying. 

Mold and Mildew Damage

After a significant water leak this bathroom suffered from mold, mildew and water damage.  SERVPRO has professional cleaning techniques and a trained team who can respond immediately.  The team removed and replaced the walls and ceiling. 

Equipment Ready for any Disaster

SERVPRO has all the equipment ready for any of your home or business restoration emergency.  Call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The team is ready to respond to any disaster. 

Restoration Clean up

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park can respond to your restoration emergencies.  They can assist in storm, fire, mold, or water in your home or business.  They are trained in techniques for professional cleaning and restoration rebuild.

Mold Clean up in Bathroom

This is the after picture of a bathroom with mold damage.  SERVPRO can respond to your mold emergency and began quickly containing the area to ensure mold will not spread.  Mold can grow quickly so it is important to be treated professionally.  

Water Damage to Floor

SERVPRO responded to this restaurant with water damage.  They quickly began to extract the water from the floor and began clean up.  They removed all the table and chairs to professionally clean the area to ensure no odor or moisture to prevent future damages. 

Bathroom Damage to Mold

Mold damage in Orange Park, FL

SERVPRO responded to this home and found mold in the bathroom. They tore the drywall out and contained the mold.  They have professional equipment used to take the moisture out of the room to ensure mold will not continue to grow.

Retracting water from floor

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park has equipment like shown to ensure all water is retracted.  The technicians cleaned the carpet quickly from storm damage.  They provided this customer with validation the area was dry and back ready for business. 

Water Extraction

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park has equipment for your restoration emergency needs.  Water can cause loss to your home or business due to storm damage.  They have equipment to retract the water from the floor quickly. 

Drywall Tear Out in Jacksonville

Water loss can damage more than just the floor.  The flooding of water can cause drywall damage.  The drywall would need to be removed promptly to ensure mold does not start growing.  The technicians are trained and have equipment to restore back to pre-water loss conditions. 

Mold Prevention

The technicians are trained to ensure dry areas throughout your home or business to prevent mold. They can tear out any drywall or baseboards needed to ensure areas are dry to prevent the mold from growing.  The equipment can take all moisture out of the air preventing mold as well.

Mold Remediation

Mold can quickly spread throughout your home.  It is important that SERVPRO can respond quickly to your home to begin clean up.  They have highly trained mold remediation technicians that are ready for your mold emergency.  Contact us at (904) 269-9282.

During Water Clean up

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park can respond to any water loss from water line break to severe storm damage.  They have the professionally trained technicians to run all drying equipment caused from tragedy.  They respond immediately to ensure any future damages.

Fire Damage to Kitchen

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park can respond to your fire emergency.  The experienced technicians can come in to any home after fire and clean professionally.  The soot and smoke damage is severe but with the help they were able to restore the homes conditions.

Restoration Clean up

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park has what you need for any emergency restoration.  The team is trained in all fire damage needs.  The work can be very stressful and they can take the stress out off your hands.

Fire Damage Clean up in Jacksonville

SERVPRO can respond to your Fire damage restoration emergency.  They have the expertise and professional training to care for your belongings along with odor removal, upholstery and carpet cleaning.  There can be water damage from fire fighting so they have the professional water clean up equipment for use. 

Kitchen Fire in Jacksonville

This was the after picture of a kitchen fire in Jacksonville.  SERVPRO responded to this fire with the expertise and professional cleaning equipment to restore this property.  The fire caused a lot of smoke damage which requires our professional cleaning services.

Fire Damage in Jacksonville

This is the aftermath of a house fire in Jacksonville. SERVPRO responded and quickly began clean up after fire damage.  They have fire and water restoration clean up equipment that can restore home back to pre-fire conditions. 

Water Damage to Carpet

This is the after picture of water damage done to commercial property.  SERVPRO responded with their experienced team and used their techniques to clean the property. They can move furniture and pack up belongings to keep from future damages to property.

Commercial Clean up

SERVPRO has the right equipment and expertise for any restoration emergency.  There are many response and recovery teams ready 24/7.  The team can take any damage and turn it back to pre-damage conditions. 

Water Damage to Bank

SERVPRO responded to this Bank with significant water damage and began extracting the water from the floors.  The technicians are trained with advanced drying techniques and can document the drying process to ensure the job is done right. 

Air Dryers used of Commercial Clean up

SERVPRO has the right equipment for any restoration emergency.  The air movers can dry your property professionally and get your business back up and running.  The technicians are trained in commercial cleaning and commercial storm team can respond to major events.

Commercial Property with Damage

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside / Orange Park can respond to commercial properties for storm, water, fire, or mold emergency needs. This is the after picture of commercial break room with significant water damage. Our team responded and quickly began to extract the water off the floors.

Living Room Water Damage

SERVPRO can respond to your water emergencies.  The technicians are trained and have the expertise to respond to any restoration emergency.  This is the after picture of water damage to a home responded to by SERVPRO and restored to pre-water conditions.


SERVPRO has equipment to clean your space professionally for any of your restoration needs.  The air movers pictured are used to dry any area effected by water, storm, and fire.  The professional humidifier can take all the moisture out of the air during drying process.

Water DamageEquipment

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for all of your water restoration emergencies.  They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  They can respond quickly to your needs and have the expertise to ensure your home is dry.

Air movers in a commercial hallway.

Water Damage Cleanup Near You

Our team recently responded to a water loss in Jacksonville. We were quick to arrive and begin the mitigation process.

It is important to extract water and get drying equipment in place as soon as possible to prevent secondary damages!

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside/ Orange Park

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Westside/ Orange Park is stocked and ready to help you with any fire or water related emergency. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Air Scrubber

On site of a recent job where we have placed air scrubbers to help with the air quality control. We service homes and businesses in Jacksonville and Orange Park. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. 

BOMA Golf Tournament

We had the opportunity to sponsor the annual BOMA Golf Tournament in the Jacksonville, Orange Park area. We love supporting our community and helping in any way we can. SERVPRO is also one of the premier sponsors for the PGA Tour. 

February CE Class

An inside look at our February CE Class hosted by SERVPRO of Westside/Orange Park. We taught on many subjects, including fire damage, water damage and other ares like ethics. If you are interested in attending a fire class, feel free to contact us at anytime to receive a schedule. 

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