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Categories of Water Damage

1/19/2023 (Permalink)

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Water damage can easily become a major problem if you're not careful. In fact, it could cost thousands of dollars to repair and can even lead to secondary damages, if left unattended for too long. It's important to know what each category of water damage means for your home so that you can make an informed decision about how best to handle it.

Category 1 Water Damage

Category 1 water damage is the least serious type of water damage and can be caused by a small amount of water that has leaked into your home. The most common cause of category 1 water damage is a faucet or toilet leak, but it can also result from any other small source of moisture that you don't realize until it's too late.

Category 1 Water Damage Prevention Tips:

  • Repair all leaks in sinks, toilets, and faucets immediately. If a leak seems minor at first glance (such as a dripping faucet), try tightening the valve beneath before calling for professional help.
  • Clean up spills immediately to prevent them from spreading further than they already have.

Category 2 Water Damage

Category 2 water damage is the second most common type of water damage. If your home has experienced category 2 water damage, then you've probably noticed that there are no visible signs of secondary damage in your home. This type of water damage can be caused by a leaky pipe, a burst pipe, or even just condensation on an air conditioning unit. The good news is that although it's not as serious as category 1 or 3 water damage, it still requires attention and repair work so that you don't have to deal with any more problems later on down the road.

Category 3 Water Damage

Category 3 water damage is the most serious type of water damage and occurs when your property has been inundated with flood waters or other sources of water that are contaminated with sewage, chemicals, or other harmful substances.

Category 3 water damage should be handled by professionals who have the training and expertise to safely remove contaminants from your home. It's important for you to know that if you try to clean up Category 3 water damage yourself, it could expose you to dangerous contaminants in the air or on surfaces that can cause respiratory problems or skin irritation.

Water Damage can Cause Major Problem

Water damage is not always obvious. It can be a serious issue, and it is important to know what each category means for your home. Category 1. This type of water damage damages only the surface of the material. It may appear as discoloration, but not deeper than that.

Category 2. In this case, you have some staining that goes beyond the surface level and might even affect framing or other structural components of your home depending on how long it has been since it happened.

Water damage can happen to anyone, but it is important that you know what each category means for your home. If you find yourself in a situation where water has caused damage to your property, it is essential to call a restoration company right away so they can assess the situation and determine which category of water damage has been caused by the flooding or leaky pipe in your home.

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