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5 Ways To Reduce Mold Growth Inside Your Bathroom

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Mold and mildew damage in an Orange Park, FL bathroom

Five Mold Prevention Strategies

Moisture is a key ingredient for mold growth. Because of frequent sink and shower usage, your bathroom may be a prime breeding ground for the fungus. To reduce the need for mold remediation inside your home, it’s important to minimize damp areas and promptly address water damage. To successfully accomplish these goals, you can employ five efficient mold prevention strategies.

1. Wipe Up Standing Water

Damp surfaces often attract mold. After taking a bath or shower, you should wipe down the walls and bottom of the basin to eliminate pooled water. You should also dry the area around your sink daily.

2. Utilize Bathroom Fans

Taking a hot bath or shower may increase the humidity and cause condensation to develop. To reduce excessive moisture and alleviate this concern, you should utilize your bathroom vents during and after your bathing routine.

3. Address Leaks

A leaking pipe or water supply line can cause extensive water damage, which may increase the risk of mold growth. As a result, it’s imperative that you periodically inspect bathroom fixtures, including under sinks, and promptly fix any defective plumbing components. If a substantial leak occurs, you should quickly dry the area and remove saturated items from the site, including drywall, insulation and baseboards.

4. Re-Caulk Sinks and Tubs

Caulk can also prevent mold contamination. It may, however, crack or shrink over time. For this reason, you should routinely evaluate the area around your bathroom sinks, shower and tub and re-caulk as necessary.

5. Seal Tile

Tile may be an attractive feature on your shower’s walls and bathroom floor, but moisture can wreak havoc on the structure. To preserve tile work and help prevent fungus development, it’s essential to apply a waterproof sealant that prevents seepage through porous grout.

Reducing mold growth inside bathrooms may be less complicated than many homeowners in Orange Park,FL, anticipate. Controlling excessive moisture and completing routine maintenance are key strategies that may prevent water damage and spare you from extensive contamination requiring a thorough mold cleanup.

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